About me...

I've had a varied career to say the least!

Before I became a Primary School Teacher, I worked in PR doing lots of random things such as presenting new lottery winners with giant cheques to meeting the England football team!

Experience in both PR and teaching helped me then start my own tuition business after I'd had my third child.

As I turned 40, I thought I had everything I'd ever dreamed of: a loving husband, three healthy children, a beautiful home and my own business.

But then the unexpected happened. 


Is this it?

My mood hit the floor and my anxiety levels hit the roof! 

On a continuous loop in my mind were the questions:

"Is this it?" and "Is this all that life has to offer?" 

My confidence plummeted.  My mood was erratic. 

My husband was even nervous to enter the house sometimes as he didn't know what version of me he'd find. 

Sometimes I was raging and shouting, and other times I was a soggy sobbing wreck.

Fast forward four years, and I discovered that a big part of how I was feeling was due to perimenopause.   

At first I felt a huge sense of relief that I wasn't going totally mad, but then I felt enraged that I'd wasted four years of my life feeling horrendous just because I didn't know anything about menopause (I'd never even heard of the word perimenopause before!)

So, my mission became to educate myself about all things menopause and get back to feeling like me again.

But there was more too it... 

But once I started delving into the world of health, wellbeing and personal development, I realised that my perimenopause symptoms were only part of the reason why I felt so disconnected from myself and from life. 

I had a suitcase full of limiting beliefs ranging from unworthiness to not being enough.

And my mind was creating a million stories every moment of every day about the type of person I was - none of them positive, and btw none of them were true!

Waking up to the fact that my mind, aka my ego, was keeping me playing small and stealing my joy has been the greatest gift.

Sure, getting my perimenopause symptoms under control was the first step.

However, I truly believe that perimenopause was the catalyst to helping me remember and rediscover my true self.

Since then, I've been on this crazy journey of personal development, freeing myself day by day, moment by moment from the unhelpful baggage I've been carrying around with me for so long.

And now?

Well, I've never felt more like myself.  I'm the most confident I've ever been and loving life more than ever! 

And I'm SO grateful that I get to help others do the same.