About Polly

Helping you move forward

I’m obsessed with helping women take charge of their health and reawaken their love for life, particularly at a time when their hormones are changing due to perimenopause.

So how have I got to this point in my life? 

Well, for many years I worked as a primary school teacher.  I then set up a tuition centre in Brighton in the UK.

But then in my early forties, I was hit by fluctuating hormones which manifested in symptoms such as intense worrying, low moods, crying all the time, painful joints, digestive issues, forgetting even my own name (the list goes on!).  

It took me about 4 years to work out why I felt like I was going completely mad and understand what was happening to me. 



 Once I discovered the reasons for my symptoms (my changing hormones, being nutritionally depleted and stressed to the max) and that there were things I could do to feel better, I felt enraged that I had been so ignorant!  I couldn’t believe that I didn’t know anything about perimenopause, let alone different ways of how I could have prevented feeling dreadful for 4 years of my life.

So, I went on a mission to educate myself not only about menopause but about health and wellness in general. I'm obsessed with feeling as good as I can, and a big part of that has been rediscovering who I really am and coming home to myself.  It's been a process but SO worthwhile and one which I LOVE helping my clients with as well. 

I feel like I've finally found my true purpose. Helping other women to take charge of their health and reawaken their love for life is the best job in the world!

I am a certified Health and Life coach with a 3rd Age woman peri to post menopause certification from Burrell Education.  I'm also a certified Hynoptherapist, a Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher and  and EFT Practitioner.  I'm also trained in Advanced Dietary Supplements. I'm currently training to become a trauma informed Breathwork Facilitator.