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I support women who feel like they're struggling and trudging though midlife and menopause to create a life of joy, fulfilment and purpose.  I help you to remember the wise, self-assured and fearless woman you are.

I know that with the right support, knowledge and wellness tools, this life phase can be incredibly empowering.
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Rediscover your love for life.

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When I first got in touch with Polly, I was feeling quite at a loss. I was constantly tired, lacking in direction, unsure of what to do next or what to look forward to.
In our first session I just cried my way through it.  I remember Polly saying to me to envisage myself as that healthy, energised woman in control that I wanted to be by the end of the 12 weeks, but I didn’t at that point believe I would get there, maybe
just a bit closer.
I did all that Polly suggested, though she approached it in manageable chunks I could handle. Within 4 weeks my hair stopped falling out. Everything has turned around and the change I have noticed in myself is the drive I needed. I have felt able now to make big life decisions and felt so much more positive about the future.
Polly has helped me reframe things I have had life long blocks about in many different areas in my life and approach them in a healthy way. I have told everyone I know about her.
- Claire F

I can't thank you enough for the last 12 weeks, the transformation I feel has been incredible. I feel quite emotional to think how far I have come.

I think the most significant change is that I feel lighter, less anxious and excited about the future, so much so that even people around me have noticed a difference.

Looking back over the last couple of years of perimenopause I realise that I had been struggling with depression, anxiety, a loss of purpose and a fear of my children leaving home.

You have helped me so much in alleviating all of these things by first addressing the stress I have been carrying around in my body, by using your amazing tools and adding so many good practices to my daily routine.

I feel able to tackle the road ahead with all the new tools in my tool box, and I feel eternally grateful to you for that. 

-Sarah B


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